Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Lessons from Life, Wednesday, February 25, 2009


“God works through different people in different ways, but it is the same God who achieves his purpose through them all.” ~I Cor. 12:6 Ph – New Testament in Modern English by .J. B. Phillips~

I read this passage this morning after finally getting back to reading Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life. Many times in my life, I’ve wondered what my purpose was on this earth. Through reading this book, I’m learning. There are talents that I don’t have. I mean, I’m not famous or rich, sing like a frog, don’t play a musical instrument (air guitar and finger drums might count), am about as athletic as a moose, etc, etc, etc… These skills are not the ones for which the Lord will use me. They belong to someone else.

But I do have talent. I am creative and can make words do what I want by creating photographs with them – my poetry. I’m learning how to take interesting photographs with my camera. Each day I write about what lessons life teaches me. I have an excellent mind, which can think of what I will write everyday after the lesson becomes evident. My emotional disability serves my purpose, since I relate to those having difficulties. My financial challenges are very useful – so many in this country are struggling with this right now. In fact – nothing that’s happened in my life is wasted. God uses every bit of it.
How cool is that? Very cool!

My gratitude today is that I have a use for the Lord and others; Sasha is sitting by me as I write this lesson; it’s a beautiful, sunny day with white, wispy clouds dotting a blue sky; and I have plans to go to Santa Anita Racetrack with a friend on Friday. I also have gratitude that by rescheduling my tutoring students, I will not go over the amount SSDI allows me to earn when working, and by taking this week off, I’ve accomplished tasks I need to do.

In the Light of the Son, Michelle Rose

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