Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Preparation Counts

Lessons from Life for Thursday, 2/12/09 and Friday, 2/13/09

Preparation Counts

These lessons are short and combined. Yesterday, I did not have the time to write a lesson, since I was preparing everything in case I received a call today (Fri) from the school district.

Thursday, I worked for a new high school, Franklin. The classes I had behaved fairly well, although they were a bit challenging. The classes were science, so I did my best to keep them occupied by either asking them questions about animals, or having them tell a fact they knew about animals after they completed their assignment. After school, Nadine, my student’s mother picked me up to take me to the library. I both substitute teach and tutor. So when I finally arrived home after tutoring and doing some shopping, I was tired and my back hurt, but I still took the time to prepare for a call from LAUSD today.

That preparation paid off, as I received a call from the district and it was for my favorite high school, Lincoln. Although I did not wake up early all my preparations allowed me to arrive at the school before the end of first period. Except for the class I covered 6th period, the other teacher’s class was quite relaxing as they watched dvds for the first 4 periods. The teacher allowed the last period class to play their instruments, as it was a music class. This class took more management, since not too many of the students had the books they were supposed to have. I called the teacher and he helped me. Then the students, those with instruments, played 3 songs. I suppose they were marches.

Tonight, I didn’t make it to my tutoring student, but came home and figured out if I could pay the renewal for my credential, so that I can continue working. Doing it left me quite broke, but I with some help and ingenuity, I will make it until payday on the 26th.

My gratitude is that while things get challenging, I know God is watching over me, Sasha met me at the bottom of the steps and greeted me with her cute arched tail cute look, and tonight, I can relax after I finish these lessons.

In Christ’s Love and Protection, Michelle

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