Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Laying Everything at the Foot of the Cross

Lessons from Life, Sunday, February 08, 2009

Laying Everything at the Foot of the Cross

Financially, my back is against the wall. I keep thinking that I’ve reached a bottom in this situation, and then it becomes worse. I know Jesus is watching over me and I’ve always heard the saying, “God won’t give you any more than you can handle.” Well, this situation has been spiraling out of control for so long now that I can’t remember anything different. And it’s not becoming any better. For months now, I’ve been doing what I can to raise $150 to file bankruptcy so I don’t get sued by 3 companies – 2 accounts with Bank of America, 1 account with Chase Bank, and 1 account with a company called Care Credit, and I can’t do it. They don’t total millions, but less than $10K.

The regular bills and other expenses I have are the following: (and I know in comparison to many others, these are quite small, but for one person on disability and working 2 jobs, where I don’t get much work, these feel like a tsunami)

I didn’t detail (deleted to post online) this all out to complain or get sympathy from anyone. I needed to see it for myself in black and white. I didn’t even include in this food, pet food, and non-food costs. After I took a shower and was getting dressed to buy some food I needed, I just said out loud, that I needed to lay all these expenses, income, and the resolution at the Foot of the Cross. I kept repeating it. I know deep in my heart, this is where the answers and solutions will come from. On my own, I’m dealing with DWP, the Gas Co, AT&T and I’m doing what I can to get help from the additional companies that the first two utilities provide. This has not been one of my easier days.

My gratitude today is that I have the strong feeling Jesus is watching over me and will not let any of my utilities be turned off.

I pray that in a very short amount of time, my landlord finishes the apartment downstairs so that I can move there and pay less rent and utilities.

In the depth of my faith and in His Love, Michelle Rose

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