Monday, September 21, 2015

For Monday Moods 09/21/2015 - In That Wondering Space

Monday Moods - In That Wondering Space

There is nothing seriously wrong
just a nagging problem that itches 
like a mosquito bite
No relief from scratching it 
and I wonder if it will be solved before
I go crazy or after I've hopped down
that rabbit hole into oblivion.
Am I here? 
Butterflies assail my brain
even if I don't see them on flowers
in my yard. 
Screaming does no good, 
I'm where no one can hear the sound,
or at least it feels like it.
Keep walking my mind says.
If I give up I will always wonder
what could have been. 
Those danged what "ifs"
in the here and now.
Is tomorrow more important 
than yesterday?