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A Day at Santa Anita Racetrack

Lessons from Life, Friday, February 27, 2009

A Day at Santa Anita Racetrack

Happy the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding!
-- Proverbs 3:13~

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I went to watch the horses run at Santa Anita Racetrack. I love horses. In past years, I remember going to the track and having a wonderful time. Somehow, although I had a good time on Friday, something about the atmosphere there didn’t quite catch my interest as it had in the past.

Later that night, I realized what it was. The one addiction, among my others, that never caught me was gambling, for which I’m grateful. I bet the first race in my mind – the horse won. I had the biggest thrill in this race. In that light, I can understand the thrill of winning when someone bets on a horse and wins – it’s a high like I used to get with alcohol, drugs, sex, and now food (a brief one). The next two races, I bet $2 to win – the horses lost. After that I said, “No more betting.” Of course, the track is in business to have people bet on horses, buy drinks and other refreshments. If others feel comfortable, it’s fine for them; however, I didn’t feel contented in that environment.

The more I thought about it, that night, I realized the racetrack is not an environment where I’m comfortable. And I knew then, even if it were a free admission day, I wouldn’t go back. This environment or entertainment with horses is not one in which I want to be. After that, I felt better.

When I went to school at Mt. San Antonio College with the intention of becoming a veterinary technician, one of my classes visited the W. K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center (yes, the same Kellogg who makes cereals and other foods). The horses are beautiful! And each month on the first Sunday through May, they have a reasonably priced ($4) horse show. From Hollywood on the bus, it’s a bit of a journey, but an atmosphere that I know I’d enjoy.

Just for anyone’s information (for those who live in SoCal), here’s the website. Cal Poly Pomona Arabian Horse Show

My gratitude today is learning where I’m comfortable and where I’m not.

Under the Wings of God, Michelle Rose

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