Monday, April 13, 2009


Lessons from Life, Monday, April 13, 2009


“The final test of religious faith is whether it will enable men to endure insecurity without complacency or despair, whether it can so interpret the ancient verities that they will not become mere escape hatches from responsibilities but instruments of insights into what civilization means.”
~Reinhold Niebuhr quotes (American theologian, 1892-1971)~

This is where I’m at – complacency – a nowhere zone that feels like a grey area with even greyer edges. I’m not sure how I got here. Was it that during a crisis or challenge the adrenalin flowed and now that it’s over, there’s no “excitement” any more? I know it was a gradual process, but I know one thing, I’m finding it quite difficult to get out of this place.

I want to be back where I feel that my faith is a miracle of wonder; that life is incredibly amazing; that my goals are something to fight for. Maybe writing about this is the first step.

My gratitude to day is realization.

Surrounded by God’s Light, Michelle Rose


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Gillena Cox said...

we all find our selves in that phase, over and over again; but we never stay in that place because thats what the gift of faith is for

much love