Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Who's Really in Charge Here?


...yes, she might, but I'll bet God whispers them in her ear.

Ok, I'm back after a few days of struggling with depression and new realizations. Today, in my morning reading in Charles Stanley's meditation, I found a phrase that fits my life so well. The verse for today was Philippians 4:5, but it's impossible not to read it from verses 4:4-7, then skip down and read Phil. 4:13, 19. The title of today's morning meditation was, "A Reason for Confidence." The sentence I found was, "And sometimes false guilt creeps into our minds and robs of assurance." BINGO!

So, just when I least expected it, I found the answer for a reason for the way I've been feeling much of my life. The question now has an answer. Thank you God! It's true, that the answers are in the Bible.

Today I went out and joined a gym that I'd been a member of before when my insurance company paid for it (but I never went). The monthly membership fee is low enough that I can afford it, even if I don't find work right away. The gym will be my place to be good to myself - an escape for me - a mini-vacation each day I go. I can start working on my health matters.

The other day, with everything that happened, I was so upset that I couldn't stay a member at the other gym I'd joined. AHA! God always has a plan. God knew, and so did I in my heart, I couldn't afford that gym. Ok, ok, I admit it, God's smarter than I am. He knows what's better for my life than I do. I think that's a very good reason to let Him guide me through life and follow what He wants me to do. (Looks up and says, "Ok, I hear you God. I'm listening.")

Michelle Rose

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