Tuesday, May 10, 2011


May 10, 2011

11 My days are past, my purposes are broken off, even the thoughts of my heart. 12 They change the night into day: the light is short because of darkness. Job 17:11-12 KJV

“No one is too messed up to be used by Him: He specializes in taking broken people and making them whole, Nor does anyone reach an age when he or she is no longer useful – if you’re still alive, God isn’t done with you yet.” In Touch, Charles Stanley

In these verses, Job is arguing with his friends about all the things that are going wrong with him and how useless he is to life and to God. I’ve done the same thing myself. But this morning when I did my meditation, the above lines from In Touch kept echoing in my head throughout the day. I keep hearing encouragement and lines like this letting me know that no matter what – I’m still part of God’s arsenal in the world. He’s using me. I’m not too old. He’s brought me through pain, weakness, sorrow, temptation, whatever you can name, because He wants to prove a point not only to me, but possibly to others as well.

I have several friends I envy, since their lives appear so much better than mine. In fact, I’ve often wanted to be them or follow what they do. I think one of my friends, who receives this blog knows whom I’m talking about. Yet, when I tried to follow in the footsteps I see created by this person, I’ve not done so well. When I look towards my paths and do what God wants me to do, my usefulness shines like a diamond, and I am so very happy. Now there are some days that I feel trapped in darkness, but the photo I have included today shows just how untrue that is. The dark clouds surround a patch of light in the middle - that is God's light shining through to me.

May God shower you, your family, and your furkids (if any) with His incredible blessings.

Michelle Rose

Photo by Michelle Rose (Angelini)


STOPS said...

this is my VISITING CARD:


stormy sky -
GOD WORKS up there
to silant his people

Geo. said...

Michelle, all my best wishes. I'm still here to give them. Still here.